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Skilled Faculties

Teachers in Marello are carefully recruited with due weightage given to their academic qualification, Profession training, (B.Ed) Experience and their attitudes towards children and teaching. As our school stands for academic excellence and achievement of full potential of the pupils, the teaching staff consists of specialists in different subjects. Teacher’s recruitment is done taking into account various aspects like communication skill, accent, expression, proficiency in Co-curricular activities and above all the overall personality. There are 45 teachers and 29 non-teaching staff lending a strong support to the smooth functioning of the school.

Faculty Details
Department of English
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Suman Noble (MA English, B Ed)
2 Mrs. Rani Roy (MA English, B Ed)
3 Mrs. Tintu (MA English, M Ed)
4 Mrs. Premsy Bijoy (MA English, B Ed)
5 Mrs. Ann Savio Pinto (MA English, B Ed.)

Mrs. Susmitha (MA English, B Ed.)

Department of Malayalam
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Gishitha Kumari M. J. (MA Malayalam, B Ed)
2 Mrs. Aswathy (MA Malayalam, B Ed)
3 Mrs. Neethu K.B. (BA Malayalam, B Ed)
4 Mrs. Riya Talson (BA Malayalam, B Ed.)
5 Mrs. Neeshma M.M. (MA Malayalam, B Ed.)
Department of Hindi
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Maya Pradeep (BA Hindi, B Ed)
2 Mrs. Preetha V.G. (B Com, B Ed-Hindi)
3 Mrs. Letha E.A. (BA Economics, B Ed- Hindi, NTTC)
4 Mrs. Kripa (BA Hindi, B Ed)
5 Mrs. Snigda Sebi (BSc. Zoology, B Ed)
Department of Science
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Janet Flexy ( B Sc Chemistry, M Sc Psychology, TTC, CTET) (BA Hindi, B Ed)
2 Mrs. Mary Sneha ( B Sc Physics, B Ed)
3 Mrs. Neethu Joseph ( B Sc Zoology, B Ed)
4 Mrs. Jini ( B Sc Physics, B Ed)
5 Mrs. Jeethumol (M Sc Zoology, B Ed)
Department of Social Science & EVS
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Raji Joy ( MA Economics, B Ed)
2 Mrs. Somina Vinod( BA History, B Ed)
3 Mrs. Lincy (MA Economics, B Ed)
4 Mrs. Nitha Vijay ( M Sc Botony, B Ed)
5 Mrs.Nimisha Mary ( BA English, B Ed)
Department of Mathematics
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Santymol ( M Sc Mathematics, B Ed)
2 Mrs. Divya ( M Sc Mathematics, B Ed)
3 Miss. Valerine Vivera ( M Sc Mathematics, B Ed)
4 Mrs. Vimy Siju ( M Sc. Mathematics, B Ed.)
5 Mrs. Akhila ( B Sc Mathematics, B Ed)
6 Mrs. Anita Alphonse ( B Sc Mathematics, B Ed)
Department of Library, IT, PTI, ART & CRAFT
1 H.O.D.: Library: Mrs. Smithalakshmi ( MA Economics, MLIS)
2 P.T.I.: Mrs. Lilly Beji (Dip.in Volleyball)
3 I.T.: Mrs. Johnsy Jithin (M Com, B Ed, CTTC)
4 I.T.: Mr. Nayan Vivian (MCA)
5 Art & Craft: Mrs. Sabeth (KGTE)
6 P.R.O.: Mrs. Joycy Kishanth ( BA Economics, B Ed)
Department of Kindergarten
1 H.O.D: Mrs. Bindhu Johnson ( BA English, NTTC)
2 Mrs. Sithara Prinish ( BA Sociology, NTTC)
3 Mrs. Anila Antony ( BA English, TTC)
4 Mrs. Seemol Joshy ( BA English, NTTC)
5 Mrs. Sumimol (BA English, TTC)
6 Mrs. Nimisha (BA English, B Ed)
7 Mrs. Snigdha Sebi (B Sc Zoology, B Ed)
8 Mrs. Athira (MA Economics, B Ed)
9 Mrs. Jeritta D’ Cruz (B Sc Mathematics, TTC)
10 Mrs. Jeemol ( BA Sociology, TTC)
11 Mrs. Stiney (BA English, TTC)
12 Miss. Sherin Ambrose (BA English, TTC)